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Sailboat Party
1-20-13 Pink Blossoms Class 2
1-20-13 Pink Blossoms Class


Class Schedule: Tuesday-Saturday: 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9. Ten AM and Sunday classes available upon request only. The schedule is subject to change as customers needs dictates. If no one signs up for a class, I may not be in the studio.

You don't have to know how to draw to be able to paint. There is no drawing in painting, just shapes and colors in a recognizable context. Anything of an exact shape like the wine glass or an animal is traced with a stencil and then we go back to the fun color part of painting.

Change Paintings:
Don't see the painting you want to do on the calendar? Contact us by email, theartistinme.fresno@gmail.com or text, 559-367-2084 and ask if anyone has signed up for the day/time you wanted to paint. If no one has signed up for the class yet, we can change the painting for you. To see all the paintings in one place, go to the Gallery tab at the top of the website.

Age requirements:
There is no age requirement. Just a developmental requirement. Students have to be able to write legibly (hand eye coordination) and follow instruction in a school like setting. I had a four year old paint with me that blew me away but also had 10 year olds that couldn't quite focus. Only you would know if this is something your children can handle.

Please do not bring alcohol into the studio as we don't have a liquor license. If we had one, kids would be banned from the studio because we'd become a bar.

48 hours in advance is allowed but is subject to a $10.00 per person fee.

The Artist In Me is great for parties! The party favor is a painting you will keep forever and always remember where you were and who you were with.
For a private party, you must have a minimum of 15 people paid for at the time you make the reservation or it is not reserved. We will create the private class for you and you can choose your painting. If you don't have 15 people, you can join any class and still all sit together. You can even choose the painting if you are the first to sign up and request a painting change.
You can bring snacks and cupcakes for your guests and you can eat them during one of the drying sessions. It is so cute to put the snacks and drinks in a bag or little box to put at each place for your guests.

The classes are priced based on the time required to complete each painting and what time/day the class is held. Simple paintings take two hours to complete while paintings with more colors and layers take three hours. There is NO necessary skill level needed for ANY of the paintings, just more time is needed to complete the multiple layered paintings. Classes during the day are discounted by $10.00 because they aren't very busy.

A 2 hour class, simple painting: before 5pm is $25.00.
A 3 hour class, multiple layer painting: before 5pm is $35.00.
A 4 hour class, many objects painting: before 5 pm is $55.00.

A 2 hour class, simple painting: after 5pm is $35.00.
A 3 hour class, multiple layer painting: after 5 PM is $45.00.
A 4 hour class, many objects painting: after 5 pm is $65.00.

You don't have to bring anything but your enthusiasm! We provide everything you need for your artistic expression including the canvas, paint, paint brushes and an apron. Let us provide you with the tools, environment and creative guidance needed for you to create a memory not just a piece of art.

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